Terressa Stark – Realtorabout-me-2

No one understands or appreciates the South Florida lifestyle more than Terressa Stark.  Like many of us, Terressa escaped from the long Midwest winters for a warm tropical life in South Florida.  Once her feet hit the sand, she was hooked; literally!.  A competitive angler and tournament winner, boating enthusiast, and avid sports fan, she is a true ambassador for the South Florida lifestyle she has enjoyed for over 32 years.

With her love of all things house and home, realty is a natural extension of  Terressa’s personality.   As a licensed realtor with more than a decade of experience in the South Florida real estate market, she has witnessed the immense growth and opportunities that Broward County and the Palm Beaches have undergone.  Her warmth and professionalism, market expertise, eye for detail and talent for managing complex projects come across in her passion for finding her clients perfect property match.  With the majority of her clients coming from “word of mouth”, she is a local favorite with an enviable 99% success rate in serving customers through both peak and leaner real estate market cycles.

“I think one of my strongest assets,” says Terressa, “is that I truly love real estate.  I enjoy the challenge of fitting client to property and seeing how the projects evolve.  Being in the business so long, I have the connections needed to make my clients transactions seamless.  People forget they will need other reputable professionals to finalize their sale.  I have an excellent array of reliable resources that I share with my clients to get the job done.  Not everyone can say that.”

B.G Haber of Broward County describe Terressa as a trusted and compassionate advisor, and a hands-on professional who has guided them expertly through complex transactions and transitions.   Mrs. Haber goes on to say that “Terressa understood that we had twenty years of history in our home when we placed it on the market.  She has tremendous market expertise and was always very honest with us, but incredibly compassionate throughout the process.  Our buyer lived in Canada and the seller of our current home lived in Las Vegas.  She was able to coordinate and complete a double closing, in one day.  On our frenzied moving day, she surprised us with a welcomed coffee respite, reassuring us that calm would soon return.  The next day, she returned with a bottle of champagne to celebrate our new home with us.  You just don\’t see that in this day and age.  We refer her to everyone, and have never been disappointed we did”.

Whether you are re-locating from another country, state or neighborhood, buying or selling a home or condominium or Investing in real estate, Terressa offers this advice:

  • Hire a Realtor who works full-time in real estate. This is one of the most expensive investments you will be making.  A Realtor is a licensed professional who is held accountable by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors.
  • Trust your Realtor.  Terressa works with a varied team of professionals that will be necessary to complete the transaction. Whether you are buying or selling Financial Advisors, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Attorneys, Inspectors or over coming ANY obstacle we all work together as a team for  a smooth and successful process.
  • Be open to suggestions.  Your Realtor can help you discover hidden value and maximize your investment. 

Terressa is always available for consultation.  Let her help you with all of your real estate needs…you’ll be glad you did!